We open closing doors every day

Your garage door is something you may take for granted. It works for you every day, smoothly opening the door so you can pull out your car, and closing behind it to keep your belongings secure. Until it doesn’t.

If you don’t properly maintain your garage door, it could easily quit working, forcing you to pay for a replacement. So what should you be doing to ensure your garage door is in tip-top shape? It only takes a few easy steps.


There are many moving parts on your garage door that could use a bit of lubrication each year to keep them working smoothly. Before you get out your WD-40: wait! WD-40 and other oil-based products can actually take out the grease your garage needs to function properly.

Instead, use a lithium-based spray on all moving parts, including the rollers, hinges springs, bearings, and the top of the rail. You should not lubricate the bottom of the rail, tracks, or nylon rollers; simply clean them with a wet cloth.

Clean the exterior

A dirty, peeling garage door is an eyesore for your neighbors. Clean the exterior at least once a year with detergent and water, and rinse with a hose. If you have a wood door, you may want to consider repainting or staining it.

Check the balance

An unbalanced garage door could present a danger, especially to children. To make sure your garage door is properly balanced, raise it to your waist level and let it go. If it moves up or down, it is unbalanced and should be checked by a professional.

Perform a safety check

Watch your garage door opening and closing and pay attention to the brackets, springs, rollers, and hinges. Does it look like any of the parts may be working below par? If so, you may want to replace the nonworking part. Note that a professional technician may need to do the replacement work for you, particularly when replacing dangerous torsion springs.

Check the garage door opener

Is your garage door opener working correctly? If not, it may need replacement or repair.

Maintaining your garage door should not take a lot of work. When you follow these steps annually, you can ensure your garage door serves you well for years to come. If you need help replacing any parts, contact us.